Custom Service #1

Customised Too Friendly Products

Customise a current Too Friendly product.

You have a range of clay colours, and surface designs to choose from eg. painted imagery or glazing.

eg. For this mug, I was provided a photo of 2 people to create out a surface design out of clay colours on a blue clay mug and coated in clear gloss glaze.
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Custom Service #2

Potter Plaster Moulds

You have the option of one, two or three part plaster molds for your pottery production. They are made using a 3D print, or you can provide an object that has been approved by Too Friendly.

*Sizing and design complexity impacts the price of quotes. You can enquire about four+ part mold.
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Custom Service #3

Custom Designed Ceramics

Order small batch or mass produced custom ceramic products using the Slip Casting method.

Wide range of options including; coloured porcelain clay options, textural surface design (eg. indented text/branding or extruded patterned), sculptural forms, and so on.

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FAQ About Customs

Do you outsource any of your services?

Yes, the 3D printing and firing is outsourced. Depending on the complexity of a design, the digital modelling may need to be outsourced.

All design, plaster molds, slip casting and glaze is done by Too Friendly.

How do bookings work?

Once you've read all the custom information and reached out for a quote, you will be provided a rough availability schedule.

A deposit needs to be paid in order to secure a project start date.

What if I would like to order more?

If you have ordered a Custom Plaster Mold or Custom Ceramic Design, you can order more quantities of the same design without repeat costs of digital modelling and 3D printing.

Do you offer wholesaling?

Ceramic Styled Ceramics: Yes, wholesale pricing can be discussed for orders with a certain quantity amount.

Custom Plaster Molds: No

Custom Designed Ceramics: Yes, wholesale pricing can be discussed for orders with a certain quantity amount.

Payment Options

All custom orders are paid through bank transfer. In some circumstances, credit card payments can be taken.

Terms of Service

Find the Too Friendly terms of service HERE.