By paying a deposit you are accepting the quote estimate and agreeing to the ‘Too Friendly Terms of Trade’.

All Too Friendly quote estimates are generated on the information provided by the Client. The costs listed on you quote estimate may be higher on your final invoice due to factors such as; outsourced labour (3D printing, firing) and material supplier cost changes, design or quantity changes etc.

All quote estimates are valid for 14 day, after this time a new quote estimate will need to be issued or the order may not be accepted.

Too Friendly is providing a service to manufacture pottery plaster molds or ceramic vessels only. Too Friendly does not provide services outside of what is offered, and will try their hardest to work with, but has no liability on, a client’s project deadlines. 

All pottery plaster molds are produced with the understanding that a client has basic knowledge or experience in slip casting. Too Friendly is not responsible for misuse or inexperienced use of the molds resulting in failed casts.

Any manipulation or changes made to product, pottery mould(s) or ceramic piece(s), post delivery is not a reflection of Too Friendly. Too Friendly is not liable for the change of quality or damage these changes cause.

A project can only secure a start date, based on Too Friendly’s availability, once the requested deposit is paid. 

Wholesaling quotes are generated based on each individual project. To meet wholesaling requirements there must be a minimum quantity order and the piece must include a stamp that specifies the piece was 'Locally Made By Too Friendly'.

A project deposit is non-refundable, however a Client can cancel a project at any stage and Too Friendly has a right to cancel a project if a Client does not adhere to the ‘Too Friendly Terms of Trade’.

The design concept stays your Intellectual Property, however the process of translating that concept into a digital model, 3D print, plaster mold, and ceramic vessel is the Intellectual Property of Too Friendly. The deliverables you recieve for Custom Plaster Mold orders are the plaster molds only, and for Custom Designed Ceramics is the ceramic vessels only. All production resources developed for your order is owned and stays posession of Too Friendly. These resources can be destroyed at the completion and delivery of the order at clients request, but if they are destroyed, they will need to be reproduced for any future orders.

All designs and object(s) provided to Too Friendly for production of plaster pottery moulds or ceramic manufacturing, are assumed by Too Friendly to be designed by the client, owned by the client, or the client has been granted a license for production of the design. It is the responsibility of the client to inform Too Friendly if their design or object(s) they provide, breach Intellectual Property or Copyright laws. In the case an Intellectual Property or Copyright license is breached, the client agrees to indemnify Too Friendly for the loss of business and expenses that impact Too Friendly. 

If Too Friendly incurs any costs for collection of overdue invoices or unforeseen costs, such as legal fees and collection agency fees etc., you agree to indemnify for all such costs.

Design changes can on be made during the initial stages of the production process. Changes to the form or shape of a design can only be done during the digital modelling stage of production; once a design is 3D printed any changes to the form or shape of the design can only be made at an additional cost. Changes to colours and glazing can be altered prior to the slip casting process, however production delays may occur if clay colours or glazes need to be ordered.

Due to the current changes to clay suppliers, if there is a change to the clay used for your product, 3D prints, plaster moulds and clay pigment samples may need to be redone; this could come as an additional cost further down the production timeline.

Project timelines can be pushed back due to but not limited to the following; weather, sickness, lack of required equipment or material, delays with outsourced labour eg. 3D printing and kiln firing, lack of clear communication from client, troubleshooting production problems, damage occuring to resouces or final pieces eg. flaking, chipping, cracking, melting, explosions etc.

Order quanities listed on the quote estimate may change during the duration of the project due to but not limited to the following; change of client deadlines, or changes to project timelines due to the reasons listed above.

Too Friendly is ran by one person and there are limitations of workload that can be achieved. Labour rates and amounts quoted and invoiced, reflect the complexities of a project.

Ceramics is a complex and technical process, there are limitations to what can be created; forms, colours, glazing. Pieces are prone to warping or changing their shape during firing, it is the nature of handmades and cannot always be controlled. Every piece is unique and differs from the others.

Items that are damaged, such as cracks, fractures, holes, will either be discounted or partial labour will not be included in the final invoice. The damaged item will be held by Too Friendly. If the order quantities are not met due to damages, depending on Too Friendly’s availability, reproduction can be navigated.

There is no warranty or returns on any custom deliverables. You will be provided photographs of the deliverables when the final invoice is sent, and the final invoice must be paid for before delivery or pick-up.

Shipping is to be organised and paid by the Client, and Too Friendly only offers to package the items. Too Friendly does not provide warranty on shipping. If items damaged during delivering, it will need to be discussed with the shipping company and depending on Too Friendly’s availability, production of replacement pieces can be discussed.

In the case you wish to order more items in future, all 3D prints, and plaster molds will be held for a 6 month period after project completion. Once this time has lapsed these items will be discarded of and they will need to be reproduced.

Too Friendly has the rights to share content on social media such as Instagram and YouTube, such as imagery and video of design, production, final pieces, during and/or after project completion.

These Terms of trade are non-negotiable.