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Sunny Afternoon

Sunny Afternoon

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Sunny Afternoon captures flocks of birds in formation amongst the fluffy clouds. A perfect blue sky with white tones, contrasting against the black detailing, that mimics the imagery of a relaxing walk. Unglazed outside to showcase the natural feeling of the porcelain clay that is pleasing to look at, touch and hold.

Ø90 x H70 mm

Handmade cup with 3 layers of coloured clay; turquoise, white and black. Coated on the interior with a clear gloss glaze, and takes each cup close to an hour to create before clean up and glazing.

Limited edition - Only 2 in stock!


Microwave, and dishwasher safe.
*Each piece is unique, and differ slightly from each other, due to the nature of the porcelain clay material. Pieces may have irregularities in colour, form, and glaze. Learn how they were made
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