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Too Friendly

Soft Mug

Soft Mug

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Soft Mug is a project challenging functional accessibility. Designed to mold to your hands in different ways, the curves of the cup creating resting points for your fingers. The double handle is made for comfort, allowing you to hold the mug with a looser or supported grip that is comfortable to hold.

Cup Ø80 x H120 mm (holds 200ml)

Handle Ø15 & Ø20 x L45mm


Product Details

This design was hand-sculpted, and taken through a digital modelling process called photogrammetry. It was then made using the slip casting process, with a blush pink clay. The inside is coated in a clear gloss, while the outside has been sanded smooth. 'Too Friendly' is stamped into the bottom of the handle curve.

Production took roughly 4 months to bring this design to life.

Learn how they were made in my 4-part post on Instagram!


Microwave, and dishwasher safe.
*Each piece is unique, and differ slightly from each other, due to the nature of the porcelain clay material. Pieces may have irregularities in colour, form, and glaze. Learn how they were made
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