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Fairy Bread

Fairy Bread

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Fairy Bread stacked up on a plate at a kids birthday party. Colourful sprinkles pressed into buttered white bread, a sugary nostalgic treat.

Extruded 3D textures of green and yellow sprinkles, and glazed on the inside.

Little Coffee - Ø70 x H51 mm (230 ml)

Big Coffee - Ø84 x H70 mm (400 ml)

Wavy Cup - Ø95 x H70 mm (300 ml)

Off white clay with coral crust, and orange, yellow, green, blue and pink sprinkles. Each cup takes a little over an hour to create before clean up and glazing.

Limited Edition - Only a few in stock!



*Each piece is unique, and differ slightly from each other, due to the nature of the porcelain clay material. Pieces may have irregularities in colour, form, and glaze. Learn how they were made
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