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Movie Mugs

Movie Mugs

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Iconic scenes of cult classics, split onto either side of a wavy finger-hugging mug. The designs are handpainted using pigmented clay, and finished with a clear gloss glaze, and white clay interior.

The off-the-rack designs include;  Lord of the Rings (2001), Twilight (2008), Harry Potter II (2002) OR order movies outside of the pre-designed mugs by selecting a A Movie of My Choice*.

Ø90 x H70 mm

Double handle for comfortable or stronger hold (Ø20 opening)



1. Choose which design you'd like:

Lord of the Rings (2001)

Twilight (2008)

Harry Potter II (2002)

A Movie of My Choice*; choose your own movie or tv show scenes (price includes my additional design labour)


2. Place your order

*A Movie of My Choice is for you to order your own choice of movie or tv show scenes. To organise the design, I will email you about scene choices, colours etc., or you can reach out on ig via @toofriendlyceramics once you've placed an order.


3. Your order will be made within a 4-5 week period


Your order will be shipped to you or you will be emailed for pick up as soon as it's ready!


Order by Oct 31st for Christmas Gifts

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